Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge
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In a world where Samsung is leading a smartphone revolution with $2000 foldable phones and almost bezel-less displays, there is one product by the Korean giant which is worth revisiting, even buying, in 2019. It is the(now) $318 Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge.

Back in 2016, the S7 Edge was easily the smartphone of the year. With a novel bleeding edge display, wireless charging and the best camera on any smartphone, Samsung made a brilliant handset.

It is 2019 and the S7 Edge is still a gem. It excels under the four pillars of a great smartphone-

Build quality- The Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge looks and feels premium. The screen curves far into the phone which gives a phablet sized display while keeping the phone compact.The phone has a glass back which enables wireless charging. It is also IP68 water resistant. Allowing the phone to be used after being dunked in fresh water for 30 minutes up to a depth of 1.5 metres. 3 years on, the S7 Edge has an amazing design that feels great in the hand and aesthetically pleasing.

Battery Life : The S7 Edge rocks a 3600mAh battery with fast charging and wireless charging. To put it into perspective, Samsung’s latest flagship, the Galaxy s10 only has a 3400mAh battery. The S7 is good for about 24 hours after a single charge.  Needless to say, the S7 Edge is great for a power user.

Performance: Coming with a Snapdragon 820 processor. The S7 Edge is extremely fast and smooth in use. Gamers will particularly love its top notch performance while playing graphic intensive games. Even by today’s standards, the S7 Edge is a powerful phone.     

Camera: The Camera of the S7 Edge was one of the best on a smartphone and it still holds strong. While it only has a 12MP rear camera, it makes for faster autofocusing and great low-light performance. The camera on this phones is comparable to the best smartphone cameras today.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge weighs 157g and comes with Android 8 out of the box. It has a 5.5-inch screen having a 1440×2560 resolution. It also has a Snapdragon 820 CPU with 4GB of RAM and 32/64GB expandable internal memory. 

Overall, while being in no means a perfect phone. At US $318, the Galaxy S7 Edge is a phone that is great for users looking for a budget phone with premium features. Three years since its release, the S7 Edge is still a great modern smartphone.

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