Samsung eufs 512gb chip

In the recent past, Samsung unveiled their Galaxy Fold device and it comes with 512GB of Storage.

Sounds massive right?

The company has now confirmed that they have started mass-production of the world’s first 512GB flash storage for smartphones.

The read speeds are upto 2100MB per second. Talking about the write speeds, they are said to be around 410MB per second. The current line up of devices  use UFS 2.1 chips which support only half the speeds of UFS 3.1.

Samsung states that a user can transfer a Full HD movie from a computer to a phone within a few seconds.  The company aims for high-end smartphones with high-resolution display. The company has already started the mass-production. Meaning the 512GB eufs chips will be out this month. In addition to it, the tech-giant is also working on 256 GB and a whooping 1 TB variants of the chip.


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