Samsung Stylus
Source: Indian Express

Samsung was granted the patent for it’s new Samsung Stylus pen, or the S-Pen. The pen is supposed to have a a built in camera.

The major compoments of the pen are an optical system, image sensor, control key, and controller. Four lenses will be aligned before an image sensor, there for a “communications module” to transmit the image data back to the device.

The patent does reveal a Galaxy Note device to which the pen would be attached. Alongside, Samsung has also hinted for future laptops and computers for having slots to hold the S-Pen.

The optical camera lens is set in the upper chamber of the new S Pen. It also posseses a control key that will control the zoom-in and zoom-out features. The patent had been filed back in 2017, so one can expect the arrival of this pen soon. The US Patent And Trademark Office granted the patent to Samsung.

Samsung will also introduce Bluetooth capabilities for its S Pen. This will permit the users to control the device from a distance. For example, users can hold down the button to turn on the camera, click the button once to click a picture. They might also double to switch between the front and rear cameras.

The Samsung Stylus S Pen is certainly a device that all tech savvy people would want to watch out for!



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