Samsung One UI 2
Samsung One UI 2.0 Update | Source: Android Central

Most eyes may be focused on the forthcoming Galaxy S20 announcement, but for tens of millions of people who bought a Galaxy S or Note in the last two years the more important news for the start of 2020 is the rollout of the One UI 2 software update. Android 10 brings important changes to permissions, notifications, dark mode and more — and Samsung also took the opportunity to make a few subtle interface tweaks as well.

Here’s everything about Samsung’s new One UI 2 (Or as an intellectual would call it, Two UI.) — good and bad.

The Android 10 basics are featured in correctly

Android 10 isn’t the biggest update we’ve seen, but makes a few important changes to the experience of how every person uses their phone every day. And Samsung did a really good job integrating Google’s platform changes into its own system without feeling tacked on or out of place.

Figuring out Android 10 gestures with a curved screen

The only part of the core Android 10 experience that’s been a bit of a mixed bag is the new gesture system. One small peeve is Samsung for whatever reason chose to have the phone vibrate anytime you use a gesture, which is unnecessary and a little annoying considering the Galaxy S10’s less-than-stellar haptics. But functionally, the issue to note here is how the side-based back gesture system combines with Samsung’s aggressively curved screens. This causes compatibility issues but there isn’t much that can be done about it.

It’s still Samsung software — for better or for worse

The biggest thing that will hit you when you update a Samsung phone to One UI 2 is that … nothing really changed visually. As noted, Android 10’s most notable changes are more in the experience and individual features, rather than sweeping interface changes. And Samsung didn’t use this update to make any big design or feature changes of its own, either — that’ll come with the next software update that we’ll see debut on the Galaxy S20.

Samsung has done an amazing job at implementing the android 10 update with little tweaks here and slight changes there, nut haven’t changed anything major. As mentioned, that’ll come later, on the S20.

I couldn’t help but mention this video posted by Samsung on their YouTube channel to highlight changes and it’s become my go-to benchmark for highlights released by companies due to it’s sheer fluidity and minimalist nature.


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