Skype Meet Now
Skype Meet Now


Skype has introduced a new feature called Skype Meet Now which allows users to to conduct a video conference in a very quick and easy manner. This has been done to rival the video conferencing app Zoom which has shot to fame in recent covid-19 pandemic.


Coronavirus outbreak has served as a nightmare to whole of the tech industry except few areas. In the time of lockdown and social distancing, people are trying to be in touch with the video conferencing apps. This has made apps like Zoom and Houseparty much popular in just few months. While these apps enjoyed their share, Skype missed the opportunity. But it seems that Skype is back now with this new Meet Now feature which can regain its lost ground. Let’s have a look at this feature.

Skype Meet Now Feature
Skype Meet Now Feature


Before introduction of this feature, only Skype users who had the Skype app installed on their devices were able to connect in a video conference. But the new feature called the Skype Meet Now will allow users to connect to a video conference even without needing to install the Skype app on their devices. The interesting fact is that not even the host need to have the Skype app in order to host a video conference.

This service is totally free. This also allows users to access all Skype features such as blurring the background during video call, recording and saving the call, screen sharing feature and all other Skype features. Not having the app doesn’t compromise any of the video call features. Users will get the same Skype experience without needing to install the app

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Skype Meet Now Feature
Skype Meet Now Feature


In order to create a video conference under the Skype Meet Now feature, user will need to visit this link:
Now by clicking “create a free meeting” , user can generate a link which they can share across any platform to invite any user to join the video conference. The invitee need not be a Skype user. According to Skype, it will hold the call recording for upto 30 days which the user can access later.

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This feature is very handy when you are meeting new people on Skype. Because in this case you don’t need to share your personal Skype ID with them. It is also very helpful for the users who don’t use Skype in general.
With this new feature, Skype is set to rival Zoom. Now it needs to be seen whether this turns out to be a success or just another offering on the table.

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