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Follow Social Distancing Using AR With Sodar

Isn’t Social Distancing The Buzz Word Around Us? It is Probably The Most Important Word These Days Too. You Don’t Want To Take Any Risk When You Step Out Of Your House. Keeping A Safe Distance Of About 2m When With People Around You Is Necessary, And If You Are Now Not Able To Estimate How Far To Be From Others, Google’s Sodar Will Help You Follow Social Distancing Using AR.

Google’s Sodar Will Create A 2m Virtual Circle Around You. It Is Not An App But Rather A Browser Tool. You Need To Use Chrome To Visit Sodar, And Then You Are Good To Go!

What Is Google Sodar

If You’re Wondering What Webxr Is, Then It Is A API Standard For Web Developers To Create VR Or AR Applications. Also, XR Here Stands For “Extended Reality” Which Is Intended To Include AR, VR, And All Other Immersive Technologies.

How Does It Look Like?

Sodar In Action

Now It Said That It Does Not Support All Smartphones, But Fortunately, My Oneplus 7 Worked With Sodar, Thus I Got The Chance To Test Google’s Sodar Out!

Here Are The Steps You Can Follow:

  1. Go To Google Sodar Website On You Chrome Browser (Remember To Use Android Device)
  2. Click On Launch After This Screen Appears:

3. Now If Your Device Is Not Supported, You’ll Get This Message:

Follow Social Distancing Using AR With Sodar, When Device Not Supported

4. For Supported Devices, Click On Launch, Enter AR, Then Point Your Devices Down To Ground As Indicated By Sodar:

Follow Social Distancing Using AR With Sodar, Looks Like This On Start

5. Turn Your Device Around And A Virtual Circle Will Appear, Like You Saw Earlier.

Now You May Think That Keeping Your Phone Screen On Just To Maintain Distance Is Too Much, But If You Are Really Serious About Following The Rules Sodar May Help You. It May Also Be Useful For People Who Go Out Often And Want To Rely On Tech To Get Social Distancing Right.

Will You Follow Social Distancing Using AR With Sodar? Is It Worthy Enough To Be Used Every Time You Go Out? Tell Us Down In The Comments Below! Until Then Stay Tuned On KickGadget For The Best Of Tech News.

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