sony a7s iii
Source: Austin Paz

Back in 2015, Sony released the A7S II. Now, there are rumors flying over the internet about the possible release of the Sony A7S III on 2 July.

It’s hard to declare when we can expect the A7S III in the flesh, or when will review samples become available.

We have an intuition it will be around September ready at Photokina, the World’s major photographic trade show.

Okay so, here are some specifications that we’d like to see in the Sony A7S III.


The Sony A7S II was launched with the maximum video resolution of 3840 x 2160. So, if the Mark III isn’t 6K-enabled, we are expecting it to at least be capable of shooting Cinema 4K (4096 x 2160).

Well, that’s a pretty safe bet as Sony will be powerful to compete, if not beat, Panasonic.

We would also like to see Sony’s stacked CMOS sensor technology to enhance the size of the pixels.

10-bit Color

The presence of a 10-bit codec in the Panasonic GHS has impressed professional videographers.

The Sony A7S II featured only an 8-bit color codec so a step up to a 10-bit codec would be much appreciated.

Vari-angle Screen

The Sony A7S III could include a vari-angle screen instead of the tilting unit. This would ease vlogging and creating solo presentations to the camera. You could simply flip-out the screen to the side, and count on the Face Detection feature to keep the focus on your face while presenting a video.

Better Handling

One of the worries we’ve had about the second gen of Sony’s A7-series cameras is the location of the video record button.

Certainly, we’d also want to see the mini-joystick that was announced with the Sony A9 as it speeds-up setting the AF point when the camera is held to your eye.

Faster Readout & Processing

Faster readout ability will help improve focusing speed and reduce the rolling shutter effect that can distort moving objects.

Any improved processor and on-chip memory will be important to achieving higher resolution and bit rates.

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