The new controller of PS5, DualSense

Sony has released the new design and features of the controller of the next-gen game console. It is named the DualSense. Certainly, the new controller design has gathered a lot of attention and excitement.

Even though the PlayStation 5 hasn’t been released yet, the gaming controller has been unveiled suddenly and has surprised a lot of gamers and potential buyers. This controller’s design is different in the over 25 years history of the PS consoles.

The difference between the DualSense and the previous controllers
The difference between the DualSense and the previous controllers

Key features of the DualSense

  • The DualSense controller comes in dual-tone black and white color combination. The standard color for PlayStation controllers was all-black design. This new design is the departure from the traditional design. Also, the buttons on the controller are monochrome.
  • The haptic feedback in the controller adds vibration sensation. Compared to the previous PS4 controller, this feedback has been tweaked a bit to give an immersive and more responsive gaming experience. This replaces the old rumble technology in the previous controllers, on the other hand.
  • Adaptive triggers have been incorporated into the L2 and R2 buttons. This complex feedback can make the gamer feel the tension of their actions in the game. This is done by adjusting the resistance of the triggers for the game-play effects.
  • It has a microphone array built-in into the controller. This enables the players to use voice chat without a headset. Therefore, the players can connect and chat with their in-game friends. But, Sony has recommended the use headset for long gaming sessions.
  • For charging, the controller can be charged via the USB-Type C port to the plug point. Above all, Sony promises a better battery life without adding much weight.
  • The ‘Create’ button has replaced the ‘Share’ button. This new button will allow the players to create new ways and wide game-play content to share their gaming content online.
  • The circular PlayStation button has been changed to “PS”.
  • The light bar has been shifted to the left and right sides of the center touch pad. This gives the design a more smooth look with its bigger size. The light bar was previously situated at the top and back of the controller.
  • Sony has tested the controller with many gamers with a variety of hand sizes. So, the grip has been tweaked at a better angle.
Sony's new next controller, The DualSense
Sony’s new next controller, The DualSense

Classic features

Although, there are a couple of changes to the controller some of the classic components are still in place such as:

  • The central touch pad that is used to navigate the PS interface.
  • The D-pad which contains the 4 separate buttons
  • The button layout
  • The joysticks (analog sticks)
  • The symmetrical controller layout

Sony stated that additional details will be announced closer to the launch of its new PlayStation 5. The details will include the cost of the controller and the color options. They have already started to ship the DualSense to PS5 game developers. For all those interested, look out for the new design of the PS5 console, which is slated to launch in the last months of 2020.

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