SpaceX blows up huge Starship SN7 test tank on purpose


SpaceX pushed a massive tank for their latest Starship prototype beyond its limits Tuesday (June 23) in an intentionally explosive test in South Texas.

Much like the third test tank SpaceX built is fashioned out of in-work hardware originally destined to become the full-scale Starship SN2 prototype. The latest tank is built with parts that may have initially been meant for Starship SN7. While SN7’s purpose – stress-testing new designs and manufacturing techniques – is largely identical to its predecessors, the test tank was by far the most radical departure from past hardware yet: SN7 is built entirely out of a different stainless steel alloy.

NASA Space Flight’s coverage of the test with footage credits to BocaChicagal

When asked if this tank will be “tested to destruction” on Twitter earlier this month, SpaceX CEO Elon Musk responded with a chilled-out “yes.”

A test of the tank last week resulted in a leak, something that Musk called a “good result” . “We’re developing our own [stainless steel] alloy to take this even further,” he added. “Leak before burst is highly desirable.”

SpaceX has extravagant plans for its Starship spacecraft. If all goes to plan, the humongous rocket will be able to ferry up to 100 passengers at a time or excess of 100 tonnes of payload to the Moon, Mars and beyond.

SpaceX is also planning to use the same rocket to provide “hyerpsonic travel around Earth.” The company is already looking to fill job positions to build offshore floating spaceports to launch the completed Starship.

The future hold nothing but great and exiting moments from the first sub-orbital hop of the Starship prototype to the first flight of SpaceX’s Starship spacecraft.


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