Spotify finally launched for India! Starts at just Rs.129/month
Source: Spotify

After a long wait of anticipation, the time has come. Popular music streaming app Spotify has now been launched for India! Those Indian users who used to run it in their phones via VPNs, won’t have to do that from now on. Because the app has now officially arrived in the country for everyone.

The app can now be downloaded for Android and iOS from Play Store and App Store, respectively.

Well, this launch was to happen in January itself but due to some reasons that couldn’t happen. Nonetheless, it’s here now and that’s the biggest thing to rejoice for the music lovers.

Speaking of the app usage and the price that you’ll have to shell out, then just relax. Now that it’s here in India, you can use it free for 30 days as a trial version. After that, you can go for a premium subscription of Spotify for just Rs.129/month! Yes. It’s that much affordable when compared to other music streaming apps like Amazon Music or Apple Music. And the interesting thing is that the cost of the first month gets further reduced to Rs.119 while you’re using the free trial.

There are various other methods too for how you want to use the app. If you don’t want a subscription-based service then you can for top-ups also. You can go for short periods like for 1 day (Rs.13) or for 7 days (Rs.39).

But if you’re one of those who wants everything without any halt, then you can buy the premium subscription. Apart from the monthly service, you can extend it to 6 months also for Rs.719 and Rs.1189 for 1 year. If you go for the yearly subscription then it’ll just cost you Rs.99/month. So, that turns out to be a better option.


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