Source: nytimes

Gruesome incidents happened in Sri Lanka on Easter Sunday. The death toll hits 300.

Following the attack, the country has experienced spreading of misinformation about the attack and the death toll. The Government of Sri Lanka blocked social media sites that are popular in the country to curb further violence.

Facebook, WhatsApp, Viber, and Instagram access is blocked and people have faced difficulty to communicate with their loved ones regarding their whereabouts. Twitter seems to be working well. Native and foreign survivors in Sri Lanka had to use Twitter and SMS to communicate with their family.

Even India believed that social media like Facebook and WhatsApp could misdirect and promote chaos among people. Few places in the country have also blocked social media during protests and political mishaps. Countries like Iran, Turkey have also blocked access to social media recently to curb violence.

As per The Government Official News Portal of Sri Lanka, the block will remain effective until the investigation concludes.


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