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Amazon Echo had definitely made life easier by providing the convenience of working on voice command. The device now offers to stream radio stations, over 350 in number. The device also streamed music from popular music apps like Gaana, Saavn and also Prime Music. Now, alongside these, the device will also stream radio stations, covering different genres.

To enable it, one simply needs to say “Alexa, what radio stations do you have.”

One can listen to the live broadcasting of 17 All India Radio channels. Radio City also has 14 Alexa options ranging from Radio City Sufi to Bollywood Mix and Deepam. With the Radio One skill you can listen to their three live stations from Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore. Radio stations like FM Gold,  Vividh Bharti and others are also available. There are also radio stations available in 14 Indian languages.

Commands For Streaming Radio Channels on Amazon Echo:

For Hollywood music enthusiasts, one simply needs to command “Alexa, open BBC radio 5 live from TuneIn”.

For the Bollywood beat lovers out there also, Alexa has tons of options lined up for you. Whether you want emotional, romantic, jazz or pop- Alexa has it all sorted for you. All you need to do is give Alexa the commands like:

“Alexa, play Radio City Bollywood mix”

“Alexa, open All India Radio Vividh Bharati”

“Alexa, ask Gaana to open Radio Mirchi top 20”

Radio always successfully drowns a person in nostalgia. People often reminiscence their old childhood days. To revive the memories, one often looks back to the old hits that we sang along to without a worry. To once again sing along to those iconic hits, you just need to say:

“Alexa, play Radio City Gold”

“Alexa, ask Gaana to play Purani Jeans”

“Alexa, open All India Radio – F.M. Gold”

Alexa also pays homage to the Gods of Bollywood music. It has created a separeate playlist for each iconic singer. One can once again revisit the legendary voices of icons like Kishore Kumar, Lata Mangeshkar, Asha Bhosle and others. This is what you need to say:

“Alexa, start Lata Mangeshkar Radio”

Alexa, play Kishore Kumar Radio”

“Alexa, play Asha Bhosle Radio”

“Alexa, play Mohammed Rafi Radio”

Apart from these, Alexa also has the option of devotional songs. There’s also every other genre that you have been looking for, available. This venture by Amazon Echo to stream radio channels is sure to win a lot of hearts!


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