T-Mobile LTE Broadband device
Source:GSM Arena

5G is just around the corner and with Verizon launching their own 5G home internet program, T-Mobile had no choice. Meaning, T-Mobile too had to compete Verizon and to do that, it launched a home internet service.

But, unlike Verizon’s 5G Internet, T-Mobile works on 4G LTE. The program is limited. The service offers unlimited internet over 4G LTE, enough for a house. The company is offering the service in a few specific areas where the carrier has the capacity to reach enough houses.

In addition, the user must be a T-Mobile user and the area must sustain at least 50Mbps of speeds. Meaning, both upload and download speeds must be at 50Mbps. It’s priced at around $50/- ~₹3,458.50/- and will offer unlimited data usage with no FUP.

The company will also let you use the router without any leasing fee. The router will connect through LTE and will transmit the internet through WiFi or Ethernet. Meaning, all you need to do is to plug in the router and you are good to go.

Note: In order to use the service, you’ll have to apply for it via their website and wait for an invitation in order to use it.

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