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t rex game
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Many of us don’t know about the google easter eggs that make us giggle every now and then. As a matter of fact, one of the most famous is the t rex game. Yes, the dinosaur that you see when there is no internet connection. It is designed by Google to help you enjoy even if you don’t happen to have a data connection. There are many other easter eggs from Google that are already uncovered here:

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A bit of history

Basically, this game was meant to recall the prehistoric times with no internet connection.

According to google chrome designer Sebastien Gabriel, ” It’s a play on going back to the ‘prehistoric ages’ when people had no Wi-Fi”. The dinosaur game was given the codename “project Bolan”, which was a reference to Marc Bolan, the lead singer of 1970’s rock band T-rex.

The game was first released in September 2014. But since Google struggled to make it work on all platforms, it finally got on tracks in December. Mocking the game’s endpoint the developers boast that the game can go on for eternity, or precisely 17 million years. This is roughly the same time for which T-rex was alive on Earth.

How to access the game

Chrome users can play the game when they open the chrome browser with no internet connection. Also, if you want to play the game while connected to the internet then you can access the page by typing “chrome://dino” in the address bar.

No worries if you use Firefox or you don’ t like the privacy policy of chrome. You can still play the game from the below-given websites.

Let’s try something new!

Are you frustrated by making a low score on the dino game? What if I tell you that you can hack the game and make an unlimited score or increase the speed of the same for a more challenging experience. Well, fellas follow my lead!

  • Open the dino game page from the above-mentioned methods.
  • Now, right-click anywhere on the screen and select Inspect from the menu. Or you can use the hotkey Ctrl+Shift+I.
  • This will open the source code of the webpage.
  • Go to the console tab.
  • Here you will see a command line interface from which you can add your lines to ‘hack’ the game. The respective methods for different results are given below.

Increasing the speed

  • If you want to challenge yourself then you can increase the speed of the game for more challenging gameplay, then this hack is for you.
  • Paste the given code in the console.


  • After pasting the above code, press Enter.
  • Now, the game’s speed will be increased.
  • You can change the speed of the game by altering the number given in parenthesis.

Immortal Rex

t rex game


  • If you want it to run for eternity or you want to make your friends jealous by establishing a high score then this hack can be of help.
  • Paste the given code in the console.

Runner.prototype.gameOver = function(){}

  • This code will replace the orignal game over function with an empty one which in turn will make your t rex immortal.
  • If you are bored with being immortal then again you can paste below code to revert to normal.

Runner.prototype.gameOver = original

  • By entering this code we can restore the game to its default state again.

Disclaimer: The game hack is just for educational purpose, Kickgadget does not intend it to be malicious in any manner.


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