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Tatsumaki is one of the most popular bots on discord, it is used for moderation, increasing user chat activity on the Discord servers and much more. Here, we will take a look at some of the most popular commands that can be used in tatsumaki.

Tatsumaki also provides discord member profiles, level, chat moderation, and other amazing fun stuff also. Tatsumaki also has many utilities and commands to get you through, it provides the credits and ranking system for the different discord users. Additionally, you can customize your server according to your needs. Such as, set welcome message, notification, and other fun stuff.

You can also subscribe to RSS (Really Simple Syndication) feed on Reddit, Feedburner, etc all at your discord server. Furthermore, you get to initiate a voting contest over any topic or add search integration to discord. All this makes discord worth giving a try.

Last but not least, it provides the chat moderation feature, the bot kicks out spamming users and sends them a reason all automatic. Not to mention it needs no configuration and is already tuned according to the server. The below video from tatsumaki shows it in action.

Now finally, let’s see the list of tatsumaki commands

Prime Commands


Commands Description
@Tatsumaki Chat with Tatsumaki
t!help [command] Displays a list of commands. It can provide a command to get useful information and examples.
t!ping Checks if Tatsumaki is online.
t!support This command allows to posts a link to the Tatsumaki support server.
t!changelog Fetches Tatsumaki’s changelogs from her support server.
[email protected] Displays Tatsumaki’s statistics.
t!avatar <[user 1] [user 2] [user 3] [user 4]> <server> It gets a user’s avatar. Up to 4 users can be selected. Need to use the “server” flag to get the server’s icon.
t!server Display info about the current server such as server ID, roles, members, region, etc.
t!channel [#channel] [topic] Shows info about the current channel such as channel ID. This command also shows notifications enabled, plugins disabled & whether persistence is disabled. Remark channels to get their info, or use the “topic” flag to get the channel’s topic.
t!info [user]  Display info, such as ID and join date, about yourself or a user.
t!role [@role]  Shows info about a guild role. Accepts name, mention or role id.
t!shared [user] Display which servers Tatsumaki shares with you or another user.
t!usage <command/server> [command] Shows how many people used a command, globally or server-wide.


Commands Description
t!profile [@user]  Shows yours or someone else’s customizable personal global profile card.
t!rank [@user] Shows yours or someone else’s server rank card.
t!top [global | server ] [page] View the members with the most server score or global XP.
t!dailies [@user]  Get or award your daily credits. There are more credits that will be given at random if awarded to someone else.
t!reputation [@user] Award someone a reputation point. It can only be used once every 24 hours. Leave blank to check reputation cooldown.
t!phonebook [call | list | pickup | decline | hangup] Allows for inter-server phone calls (text chat). The user can call a random server or link up two servers.
[email protected]  Opens the channel’s phonebook management menu. You can disable/enable random calls, add server codes for direct calls & manage the phonebook from this menu.
t!credits [user ] [amount] This command allows you to check your credit balance or give someone else some credit.
t!setinfo [text] Set the text shown on your profile infobox. Maximum of 125 characters. You can reset infobox, do not include any info text. Your infobox can also be configured on the profile dashboard.
t!settitle [text] You can set your profile title text. Maximum of 23 characters. Also, you can reset your title, do not include any title text. The title can also be configured on the profile dashboard.
t!background You can post a link to your profile dashboard where you can purchase & change your profile background.


Commands Description
t!image <subreddit > [–nsfw] [–day | –week | –month | –year | –all] Get a random image from Imgur.
t!dice [(rolls) d(sides)] Roll dice with 6 sides or as specified.
t!choose <option > | <option > | [option] | [ … ] Makes a choice for you.
t!8ball [question] Ask the magic 8 balls a question.
t!coin Flip a coin (or some coins).
t!rps [rock | paper | scissors]  Used for Rock, paper, scissors.
t!numberfacts [number]  Obtain facts about numbers.
t!catfacts Obtain facts about cats.
t!fortune [category] You will get a fortune from these categories such as all, computers, miscellaneous, people, platitudes, politics, science, cookie, definitions, and wisdom. Where wisdom is selected by default.
t!cat  Gives you a random cat.
t!cookie <@user> Give someone a cookie.
t!psychopass <@user> Have the Sibyl System check someone’s crime coefficient.
t!reverse <text>  Returns the input backward.


Commands Description
[email protected] <add | list | remove> Displays the RSS feed management menus. Subscribe, list and remove RSS feeds on channels.
t!youtube <Search Terms > Search and return YouTube videos.
t!vote <start | check | end> [t:<topic >] | <option 1 > | <option 2 > | [ … ] Start a new vote, vote for an option or check a vote.
t!urban <Search Terms >  Search and return Urban Dictionary definitions.
t!strawpoll <option 1 > | <option 2 > | [ … ] Create a Strawpoll with multiple options.
t!wiki <Search Terms > Search and return Wikipedia articles.
t!stocks <Stock Symbol >  Provide a stock symbol to return information about that particular stock.
t!weather <City/City,Code> or <ZIP/ZIP,Code> Obtains the weather using openweathermap.
t!shorten <Link URL> [Vanity URL] Shorten links with www.frid.li link shortener.
t!todo [ add | remove | clear | list] Personal to-do list.


Commands Description
t!anime <Search Terms> Gets details of an anime from MAL.
t!manga <Search Terms> Gets details of manga from MAL.
t!schoolidol [Idol name] Fetches LLSIF cards.
t!osu [ sig | profile | best | recent] It can use to search osu! profiles, plays, and signatures.


Commands Description
t!beautiful [someone]  This is beautiful.


Commands Description
[email protected]  Sets a custom prefix for your guild. The command opens the prefix customization menu.
[email protected] Disables specific commands for the channel/server. The command opens the command to disable the menu.
[email protected] Re-enables disabled commands for the channel/server. The command opens the command re-enabling menu.
[email protected]  Lets Tatsumaki automatically assigns a role for new users. The command opens the auto role menu
[email protected] Configure Tatsumaki to ignore all commands on set channels. This command opens the ignore menu.
[email protected] It allows you to enable or disable talking to Tatsumaki. This command opens the botspeak menu.
[email protected] Configure the server welcome message. This command opens the welcome message menu.
[email protected]  Configure the server goodbye notification. This command opens the goodbye notification menu.
[email protected] Enables & disables notifications for channels. Included notifications are: Voice channel join/leave, ban & kick, username + nickname changes and server members join/leave. This command opens the notifications menu.
[email protected] Disable / Enable XP & Points gain in channels. This command opens the persistence menu. Disable or Enable the level-up messages on your server.
[email protected] Set the server timezone for commands and notifications with timestamps. This command opens the timezone setup menu.


Commands Description
of [email protected] [command] Displays a list of moderator commands. This command provides a moderator command to get its info and usage examples.
[email protected] [add <@user > <score >] This menu command allows you to manage your server scoreboard and give server score to users.
[email protected] <1-1000 > [user ] | [“string” ] | [ bots | images | mentions | links] Prunes the specified number of messages from the channel.
[email protected] <@user > [kick message] Kicks a user. You are allowed to specify a kick message.
[email protected] <@user > [ban message ] Bans a user. You are allowed to specify a ban message.
[email protected] <add/remove/clear > [id ] Adds a certain user id to the server blacklist.

NSFW (Not Safe for Work)

Command Description
[email protected] Opens the NSFW toggle menu. This available menu allows you to enable/disable NSFW on individual channels.
t!image <subreddit > —nsfw Searches the subreddit for random NSFW images hosted by Imgur.
t!gelbooru [tag 1 ] [tag 2 ] [ … ]  Allows searching the Gelbooru image board for random images. Supply tags to narrow down your searches.
t!yandere [tag 1 ] [tag 2 ] [ … ] Allows searching the Yandere image board for random images. Supply tags to narrow down your searches.
t!danbooru [tag] Allows searching the Danbooru image board for random images. Supply tags to narrow down your searches.

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