The wait for the Tesla Model 3 is finally over for the Chinese buyers as Tesla said on Friday that it plans to start delivering the Model 3’s in March. Tesla unveiled the Model 3 in March, 2016 and the company has been working the production of the car ever since.

Tesla began the delivery of the car in the US in late 2017, first on the US’s West Coast and then moving Eastwards. Now the car is all set to be delivered to its Chinese customers and the company plans to start the delivery in March. The starting price for Model 3 in China is CNY 499,000 which amounts to roughly $72,000. Tesla has however cut down the prices of the Model X and Model S in China by 12 to 26 per cent and looks to accelerate the sales of Tesla cars in China.

Tesla has also opened a tender process to build a $2 billion plant in Shanghai in order to promote and accelerate the production of Tesla Motors in China and also to cut down the US import cost which would furthermore reduce the prices of Tesla cars in China.


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