Tesla Dashboard
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In the recent past, Tesla reduced the price for the Model 3.  We can, now, expect to notice the opposite for its self-driving systems.

Yes! Tesla will now be increasing the price of the Self-Driving systems. The Self-Driving system which now costs $5,000/-  will increase by a few thousand dollars.

The following tweet by Elon Musk, CEO; Tesla, stated the price hike on Twitter.

When questioned about the hike, Elon Musk didn’t exactly reply the perfect amount but, we can expect a price hike of about $3,000/- or more. The price hike will be effective from 1st May of 2019.

The option to include the standard Auto-Pilot in any Tesla vehicle, for now, costs $3,000/- which gives you very limited self-drive capabilities. But, the high-end version of auto-pilot, called as the FSD or (Full Self Driving) costs an additional $5,000/-.

Meaning, for an extra $5,000/-, you could obtain access to features like Summon and other active guidance systems.

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