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Tesla’s market valuation increases to grow as the company ramps up production. With electric vehicles becoming more accessible and compatible, and with the increase in demand for electric vehicles. Tesla has confirmed the location of its second major vehicle factory in the United States will be Austin, Texas. The first one being in California. Tesla also has a battery factory in Nevada and a solar factory in New York.

The location was finalized after a bidding war between cities. The front runners were Nashville and Tulsa, Oklahoma. In the end, Travis county won over tesla by offering a local school deal and over $65 million in tax rebates over the next ten years. Elon Musk also said that Tesla would strongly consider Tulsa and Oklahoma for future projects.

According to Elon Musk, the factory will be near City’s South East quadrant. “five minutes from Austin International Airport and about 15 minutes from downtown Austin.”

This 5 Million Foot Telsa factory will focus on Tesla’s Cybertruck, Semi truck, and Model 3 and Y. This plant will generate employment for up to 5000 people with a starting wage of 15$ an hour for low-skill roles and an average salary of $47,147.

President Donald Trump took credit for the move during an interview with Fox News. “I said, ‘Elon, build a factory in Texas.’ He just announced today they’re building one of the biggest plants in the world — auto plants for Tesla. And it is going to be in Texas.”

Tesla Factory Location
Factory Location | image credit: Sean O’Kane / The Verge

This new Tesla factory will be open to the public for recreational activities, according to Musk it will be an “ecological paradise”. It will contain boardwalks, hiking, and bike trails. While Tesla’s Fremont, California factory offers public tours its campus is not open for the public to wander its grounds.

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