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There is no denying that most of us don’t even know the origins of the apps we are using, we just download and install them based on their popularity and rating. Without giving a second thought as to what and how many permissions is the app asking and what kind of impact it would have on our privacy.

The app store’s top charts are often dominated by Chinese apps. While there is nothing wrong with it being a Chinese app but there are a few privacy concerns related to it.

There is also an ongoing trend in India to remove Chinese apps which were triggered after Sonam Wangchuk – a Ladakh based Indian engineers Youtube video went viral in which he suggested removing Chinese apps and goods from the Indian economy. This video was released in response to rising border tension amid India and China.

The Remove china app was also trending in India. It ranked no 1 in India’s android store for two days and had over 5 million downloads prior to its removal from Play Store. The app was removed because it violated Google’s policies as the app was deemed anti-competition.

But you don’t need to worry, there are plenty of alternatives to Chinese apps and we have some of the best ones listed here for you.

Best Replacements for Chinese apps

1.    Files by Google- SHAREit Alternative

SHAREit Vs Files by Google

SHAREit is one of the top file-sharing apps but it has deviated from its primary goal and is now transformed into a content platform like Helo. There was also a security flaw in it which allowed the attacker to download files from the user’s phone along with important user data.

Files by Google is secured with WPA2 encryption which provides better security. It is smaller in size compared to SHAREit and provides transfer speeds up to 480MBPS.

2.    Adobe Scan- CamScanner  Alternative

Adobe Scan vs Cam Scaner

CamScanner is owned by INTSIG Information co. which is based in Shanghai, China. It was removed from PlayStore in 2019 after a Trojan Horse module was found inside CamScanner.

Later the app was re-released in the app store with the malicious code removed but it still remains a vulnerable app.

Adobe Scan is similar to CamScanner in functionality. It uses AI to detect borders and lets you scan multiple things and let them turn into a pdf document.

3.    Brave Browser – UC Browser Alternative

UC Browser has many issues. It has been reported that it bypasses Google’s Play servers to download modules and libraries.

Brave is an open-source privacy-based browser with an in-built ad blocker. It even comes with a tor based incognito mode.

4.    Norton Lock – AppLock Alternative

AppLock as the name suggests is a lock app that lets you secure other apps with pin or pattern. It is developed by DoMobile and is registered in Hong Kong. The problem with AppLock is that it asks for too many permissions. It requires over 36 permissions and I find it to be too invasive.

Norton Lock has fewer permissions compared to AppLock . It is developed by Norton Labs which is run by Semantec. It is based in US. Norton Lock is also ad-free and offers a better experience.

5.    ShareChat – Helo Alternative

ShareChat vs Helo

Helo is similar to a social medial platform and features viral content. The app supports more than 14 Indian languages which is one of the reasons for its popularity. However recent surveys confirm that it seeks excessive information from its user.

ShareChat is an excellent alternative to Helo App. It is also based out of India. It offers support and offers content in 15 regional languages and has a strict content policy.

6.    WhatsApp – WeChat Alternative

WeChat vs WhatsApp

It has always been known that WeChat servers are based in China and the Chinese government monitors these chats. Even images and documents sent on them undergo content surveillance.

WhatsApp on the other hand provides end to end encryption. Which allows your calls and texts to remain private.

7. Triller – Alternative to TikTok

Thriller VS TikTok

TikTok is developed by TikTok Inc which is owned by ByteDance which is based in Beijing and has been accused of sharing user data with China

Triller provides similar services and features like TikTok. It is a social video platform. Similar to TikTok you can create professional-looking videos and share them in seconds.

Some Other Alternatives

Google Meet – Zoom Alternative

Although Zoom is an American company it has had many security and privacy issues in the past. The company has also admitted that some of its calls were routed through china. Many companies like Tesla have also banned Zoom because of its privacy and security issues.

Google Meet can be an excellent alternative to Zoom. It supports up to 100 participants at a time and can go on for 60 minutes. It also allows you to share your screen and host an unlimited number of meetings.

Phone by Googe – TrueCaller Alternative

Despite being developed by a Swedish company several reports were stating that the app is spyware and is sending data to Chinese servers. There have also been many instances where it signed up many users to its payment services without consent.

The Phone App is the closest alternative to TrueCaller although its library is not as vast as TrueCaller but it has many features to make up for it like Duo integration. It is still a growing app and will soon be as good as TrueCaller

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