If you are obsessed with playing modern graphics-intensive games, this article will be like comparing Apples to Oranges. Still, if you are in for some nostalgic games that will remind you of the old DOS games which were an all-time favorite then keep reading.

Actually, the Internet Archive is filled with many old-time games that even you will have a hard time remembering. But, the architecture of the game is designed according to the old DOS. In a nutshell, it won’t work on your high-end Windows PC directly. But there is still a workaround for this.


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DOSBox is a program that can help you in the pursuit of running old school games. It emulates the DOS operating system in a virtual window. The application can be used to create a digital runtime environment for the application. DOSBox is not that user-friendly for amateur users, third-party apps are available to work on top of DOSBox and provide a more interactive experience. You can try MAME, it is an open-source emulator and supports all major operating systems.

The game list

Now, finally moving on to the list, we have got a list of some games which can serve as a different genre between all the modern games. With their retro graphics and simple design, they are not much appealing at first but you will change your opinion once you play them at least once.


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If you are creative and you love creating and experimenting with stuff, then this game could be your favorite in the near future. In this, the player has to build and manage his city from a patch of land in the beginning and lead with their imagination. There are no points or anyone other to compete with. This game never gets old as you can make tons of ever-evolving designs suiting your interests.

SimCity was originally designed by Will Wright, and published by Maxis in 1989. Since then, SimCity has influenced many game designers to make a game inspired by SimCity. The revamped version of SimCity was created by the folks at Electonic Arts Studio in 2014. You can get the new version from the play store. Still, if you need the original version then you can download it from the given link.

Scorched Earth

This is also one of the hot picks from the past. This shareware artillery video game was quite popular back in the DOS era. It was also touted as the “Mother of all games” this strategy-based annihilation game was originally developed by Wendell Hicken. Players do a turn-based battle using tanks in two-dimensional terrain, each player gets a shot and has to adjust the angle and power of their tank turret before each shot. The last tank standing will win the battle.

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It is one of the earliest games, buckled up with a plethora of weapon types and power-ups. This game was recreated many times, but still, the old version is worth a try. The game can be played against up to nine players in a turn-based battle as multiplayer tech was not available at the moment. There is also a multiplayer based online version of the game on the play store named “Tank Stars”. You can download the DOS version of the game from the given link.


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Doom was the first of a generation of fast-paced action shooting games. The game had a 3-D textured environment that pushed the hardware to its limits. Doom was the start of almost all the shooter games that we play right now. It was published for DOS by id Software in 1993, and there have been many iterations to the doom franchise later on.

In the game, the players had to fight an invading horde of monsters in a somewhat strange place with green slime and narrow pathways. Moreover, it was the one to introduce the exciting network multiplayer options in the game, therefore coining the term Deathmatch which is used still today. You can download it from the link here.

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