TI 84 Plus CE Games


Have you ever boggled how big the video gaming industry is? It’s evolution lead to some remarkable innovations in the field of technology. Over a period, it has expanded from focused markets to mainstream.

Gaming definitely has a huge impact on mass sectors of the society and also its major developments in emerging has revealed the bright side of the technology. It surely is one of the most profitable entertainment industries in the world with net worth of $137.9 billion.

The TI 84 Plus CE is one such device which is equipped to carry out high-end mathematical calculations with variety of other features out of which games play a significant role. The TI 84 Plus CE is a graphing calculator used for high level calculations with optimal color display. Apart from performing calculations, it is capable of some cool entertaining games.

Most of the high school kids might find it as a boring device as they are only asked to implement some calculations and plot the graphs. Little do they know, these calculators can also serve as their gaming devices. The early 1970s saw the emergence of famous arcade games such as Pong which has gathered huge flocks of crowds to the convenience stores and local restaurants. These games can be cherished again using this device.

Here comes the most interesting part of it- The games! These games can be easily installed in device by downloading the TI Connect CE on the computer system. This software lets the system to interact with the calculator using which, the games can be quickly downloaded as zip files and extracted in the system. The calculator can be plugged into the computer and the TI Connect CE software lets the calculator implement the game.

The calculator not only allows the games, but also performs various other operations such as putting notes, and running GameBoy emulators.

The all-time famous games such as PacMan, Mario, Tetris, Minesweeper, Pinball created a hype for arcade games and these games were further compressed to fit them into smaller devices. PacMan is based on a small maze enclosed with walls on four sides. The gameplay involves getting the pellets by avoiding the ghosts that keep wandering around. This was one of the initial games that were developed for during early stages of gaming industry which is compatible with the calculator.

Other games that involve characters are Flappy Bird and Mario that were designed featuring the 2D retro style graphics. Apart from these games, the early 1990s games are also adaptable with the TI 84 Plus CE. Most prominent games such as Minesweeper and Pinball can be installed using the TI Connect CE. Other well-known games such as Chess, Boxman, Donkey Kong can also be installed where you can get access to multiplayer games as well. However, these games cannot be connected to online games.

TI 84 Plus
Donkey Kong game on the device

Playing games on this device is worth an experience for all those who have missed out on conventional arcade gaming. Although, PC can be used to serve the same purpose, this device is more flexible and easily portable.


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