Tim Cook asks China to keep market open on behalf of global economy
Source: economictimes.indiatimes.com

CEO Tim Cook, on Saturday, asked China to ‘keep opening’ for international firms. He said that the future economy of the world depends on global collaboration.

Apple’s head was in Beijing, for the China Developmental Forum, where he said, “We encourage China to continue to open up, we see that as essential, not only for China to reach its full potential, but for the global economy to thrive”.

The trade relations between the United States and China are going through a bad phase currently.

Cook’s comments have come after the constant sinking of sales of Apple products in China. This is also due to the ever-increasing restricted smartphone market in the country.

Apart from this, many Chinese mobile manufacturing rivals are also in competition. And the government under President Xi Jinping has gained a lot of control of the country’s economy. The govt. supports domestic firms, more than overseas companies.

There was also a revenue drop of 26%, for Apple, in the greater China region, at the end of December 2018.


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