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Trying to find a song but only know a few words


Well, you are wandering happily through the streets and you hear a melody. It seems you have heard that before but you can’t retrieve it. No matter how hard you try to remember. So what should you do now? It is annoying when you just sing a part of the song over and over but still, you can’t gather the whole song. Why don’t you just take help from the internet to remember this song? I’ll tell you how, so let’s begin.

Music search websites

There are plenty of websites you can find the song you are looking for, try running up to some of my favorite song searching websites. These websites help to filter out songs from the lyrics. Some websites that I use are

These websites can be very useful in tracking the song, just feed in some lines and you are good to go.

Now, stay calm if you haven’t found your song yet, we still have plenty of tricks left to use.

Google Search

You can google the song’s lyrics in the search bar. The websites mentioned above only match the lyrics with some music and video websites. But, Google will give you every possible result. So, the probability of finding your song here is a bit more.

Make sure to put the lyrics under quotation marks for obtaining more filtered results. Visit some of the websites from the search results to get some hint about the song.

Google assistant

While you had a great time searching for the song through the above methods, you can actually ask about it to the Google Assistant. Assistant can be used to recognize the song if it is being played currently. Just fire up the assistant and ask it “what is this song?”. It will start recording voice through the mic and will analyze it for matching voice samples across the web. It works great for almost all kinds of songs and melodies.

But don’t sing to it, as it can only understand the original song being played and not your voice over. Once it recognizes the song, it will offer you to listen to it through google play music.

If you need to use this feature very often, then you can also use the google widget for identifying songs. Just visit the widget tab and add the blue music icon named “Sound Search”.

Use online forums

Still no luck? Well, there is not much you can do about the song now. Just one last thing is to post the information about the song over online forums. These forums have many song enthusiasts who are able to track down almost any song you need. Just post whatever information you can gather about the song. You can also sing it’s lyrics and upload the audio.

There are many communities out there, but I like WatZatSong. It is an active community with a huge user base. There are many tunes, you can upload yours or help to recognize the other tunes. The services are totally free, you just have to signup to upload the song information.

That’s all you can do to find your song, I hope you have found your song by now. Comment your feedback and any other suggestions regarding the above-mentioned methods.

Well, that’s all for now. Stay tuned to Kickagadet for more amazing articles and updates.



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