Tubi Tv
Tubi Tv

What is Tubi TV ?

Tubi TV is one of the popular streaming networks. It generates revenue by showing ads. Farhad Massoudi CEO of Tubi TV confirms that its popularity is increasing and it is growing at a rapid rate. TubiTv has an upwards of 20 million downloads and at least a million daily active users. It has a vast online library that offers free premium content. In addition, TubiTv is also comes with a personalized AI-based recommendation engine. It is the only free streaming service to do so.

Its library comprises many films and TV Shows from over 40 genre categories like comedy, Korean Dramas, anime, and even British Tv. It has over 7500 TV shows and movies

Tubi Tv website Preview
Tubi Tv

Pros and Cons of TubiTv 


· It is free – It is a totally free streaming site. You will not encounter any paywall in it.

· High-quality content – You can stream high-speed content Up to 1080p.

· Vast library – It has a very vast library of TV Shows and Movies. It has over 7500 movies and TV Shows new content is added frequently.

· High-speed streaming – You can watch content without any lag or buffering.

· Multi-Device Support – It has support for many Devices and TV. It can be installed on an Android TV. It is also available on Google’s Play Store and Apple’s App Store.


· It has ads in it – To generate revenue the are advertisements placed at the beginning and in between Shows and Movies

· It is officially available in only a few countries.

· You might need to use VPN to Access it – It might be blocked or inaccessible in your region and you might require a VPN to access it

· No 4K Content – It does not have support for 4K content yet

Features of Tube TV

· Free and legal – Like I previously mentioned it is free and most important of all it is legal. It makes revenue by occasionally showing ads.

· Accessible from many devices – It can be accessed from almost any device. It can be installed on Android TV. It works with Chrome Cast And Amazon Tv Stick. And even Supports Xbox and Play Station 4. It can also be accessed by its App which is available on both android and iOS.

· Large library of content – Its content library gets updated frequently and has more than 7500 Movies and TV Shows

· Optional Registration – You can access the website and watch content without registration. Although to watch “R” rated content you will need to verify your age, which requires registration.

What does it offer

TubiTV offers many movies, TV shows, and even anime for free.

TubiTv has an upwards of 50,000 titles in its library, It has also partnered with many Companies like Lionsgate, Paramount, MGM, and Starz which helps it keeps its content updated.

TubiTv does have a lot of stuff, there are some classic feature films as School of Rock, Young Adult, OldBoy, etc. It also has a rich anime section which consists of series like Naruto and 

Cowboy Bebop.

New Movies and TV shows are added frequently throughout the month  

How to access the site

TubiTv is highly compatible and easily accessible from many devices. Its website can be accessed with any device that has a browser; it can be your computer or smartphone. It also has apps for smartphones, tablets, set-top boxes, and game consoles like Play Station 4 and Xbox One.

It can also be accessed from a smart TV or an Android TV.


TubiTV is an amazing website that lets you watch movies and TV Shows for free. Is it easy to use and has a huge library of films and movies that get updated throughout the month. You can easily find your favourite shows and movies here. It eliminates the hassle of subscribing to multiple streaming platforms just to get access to one show that you like or worry about regional restrictions. Its a one-stop-shop for all the movie lovers. It allows you to enjoy your favourite movies and shows without spending a penny. You should definitely give it a try.

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