Twitter profile preview for iOS
Source: Mashable

After adding a new feature to its Periscope Live Streaming app, Twitter has now released its new ‘profile preview’ feature where it will be easier for users to view profiles without moving out of their timeline. Following or muting an account will be made easier with this new feature.

This new ‘profile preview’ feature appears as an overlay on the iOS app and will help users to view the profile of any person replying without leaving their Twitter timeline.

Of course, there will be an option to navigate to the complete profile in the feature. It will help users to stick to a conversation without having to switch pages continually.

According to The Verge, this feature would also work within threads and other pages than the main feed. It will show various information of the person like Twitter bio, followers, date of joining etc. Also, it will be soon available for Android users as well!

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