uber rewards for users in the us
Source: ABC 15 NEWS

‘Uber Rewards’ program has been officially rolled out for its users in the US by Uber. Earlier, users from only nine cities in the US were able to gain rewards and incentives through the program.

The Uber Rewards program lets its users gain rewards and perks every time they use Uber or Uber eats.

The initiative was much more like that of its rival Lyft. You earn one point each time you spend a dollar on Express Pool, Uber Eats and UberPool!

The program also includes Reward levels namely Gold, Platinum and Diamond. The Diamond level requires you to have 7,500 points. It’s got perks such as free Uber Eats deliveries, priority pickups etc.

Although the ride-hailing giant has expanded its ride-sharing options to means like bikes and scooters, it is not rewarding users who choose these modes of transit as of now.

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