source: Logoway

To ensure customers’ safety, Uber technologies came up with a new safety feature. This feature helps customers avoid fake rideshare drivers.

These new features include steps to help customers identify the right car and it’ll pop your phones with “Check Your Ride” steps just before their car arrives. This feature is going to be available in South Carolina and Colombia on Thursday. It is going to be available across the US in a few days.

Uber came up with this after the murder of 21-year old victim Samantha Josephson a South Carolina university student. Police have arrested 24-year-old Nathaniel D. Rowland on charges of murder and kidnapping. He posed as an Uber driver and committed this incident.

News is that Uber is planning to release a new feature for university students which helps them grab a cab at odd hours. This program will start at the University of South Carolina, while other universities could enroll themselves.

Uber is conducting awareness campaigns on social media and digital media. A lot of adds are also placed in entertainment centers to educate people about these steps.


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