The month of January has been a busy month for the smartphone market with many companies releasing new smartphones. Vivo is no exception as their all new smartphone, Vivo Apex is releasing soon.

During the CES 2019, held in Las Vegas, the company gave us a teaser regarding their new smartphone. The concept was initially called Waterdrop but now has been confirmed that it will be called Apex 2019. It is all set to hit the markets on the 24th of January. Almost a year ago, Vivo released their Waterdrop concept. It came with a bezel-less screen, pop-up camera and UD scanner at the bottom. We expect the Apex 2019 to come with a lot more new and futuristic features.

An earlier report suggested that the phone will ‘subvert people’s past perception of smartphones’. Although we haven’t seen the actual design from the company, it seems to be a promising smartphone. We can’t wait to see what is next in the smartphone market. 


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