VolCat, IBM’s recycling revolution.

Source: ibm

Silicon Valley-based IT giant IBM is making strides towards protecting the environment. Through this tweet, the company makes a rather grim claim that there would be more plastic than fishes in our oceans by 2050. VolCat(Volatile Catalyst) is IBM’s solution to this problem.

It is essentially an innovative method of recycling. The waste is put inside a pressure reactor. The reactor then uses the VolCat technique to chemically break down certain plastics (called polyesters) to powder. Manufacturing plants can use this powder to create new plastic products. It can also process items that are typically very hard to recycle, such as clothing, carpets, toys, buckets, and more.

Unlike traditional recycling methods, VolCat doesn’t need the waste to be sorted or washed, saving time and capital. 

The success of Volcat could have a massive impact. It would not only reduce the need for virgin plastic but also reduce the amount of plastic dumped into nature, especially the oceans.

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