whatsapp dark mode
whatsapp dark mode


After months of rumors and leaks, WhatsApp has finally rolled the dark mode update. This will let users switch the bright background of WhatsApp with a black-grey background. Though this update is available only to Android phones running Android 10 and I phones having ios13 or higher. For almost past 1 years, dark mode was in testing stage and now users can download this update through Google play store or iTunes.

Dark mode changes the theme to something that minimizes eye fatigue. This becomes very helpful in dim light environments.

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So, how are you going to enable dark mode on your Android smartphone? Here are the steps
1) first of all, update WhatsApp to the latest version thought Google play store
2) After the WhatsApp is updated to the latest version, tap the 3 dots on the top right corner and click Settings.
3) Then click chat to go into chat settings
4) next, click on a theme which will give us some options to choose from
5) tap on dark and then you are all set to use the dark mode.

Whatsapp dark mode

Company Statement

The WhatsApp team shared the details of this update on their blog. They stated that their focus on implementing dark mode was readability and information hierarchy.
“This feature is designed in such a way that if you use the phone in low light, then your eyes will not be stressed. Hopefully, this will also relieve you from those situations when the phone lights up in the entire room as soon as you turn on the phone,” said the company in a blog post.

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Final Remarks

The dark mode was a feature that many Users were severely waiting for. Finally, it had arrived. It is a matter to be seen that how people give a response to it. It seems that WhatsApp is a little late in this game as some other companies like it MI and realme have already rolled out dark mode features for it.

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source: Theverge


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