WhatsApp for iPad in development

Previously, in order to use WhatsApp on iPad, users had to use the Web version while having their iPhones connected to the internet. It’s a neat workaround but the need for it will soon end.

WhatsApp is finally releasing their iPad app which will be soon available on the App Store.

Currently, it can be accessed via TestFlight as part of the WhatsApp Messenger beta program. However, the beta program is full as of now but, keep checking as the slots may be free anytime soon.

The WhatsApp for iPad has the exact same features as the other versions with just a scaled up UI for the larger display. Every feature from touch ID to phone calls works perfectly on this new app.

WhatsApp for iPad’s chat window. It shares similarity with the Facebook Messenger app. Source: WABETAINFO

It shares similarities with the Facebook Messenger app which has a similar chat window with easy access to the chat list in a split screen view.

We don’t know when it will be released from the beta program and become available for everyone but we will keep you posted when that happens.


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