WhatsApp Security

WhatsApp security features were just turned up a notch. In the WhatsApp Beta for Android 2.19.3 version, options for biometric authentication to open the app were added.

The option will be available for both Apple iPhone users and Android users. WhatsApp had been working for quite some time now to set up new features.  With the addition of this new fingerprint access feature, privacy on the app has been redefined.

Beta users will be able to see a new section in WhatsApp which shows an option to enable the fingerprint authentication feature. It works similarly for both iOS and Android platforms. So, the users will have to punch in their authentication everytime they access the app.

Reportedly, the app had been working on  Face and Touch ID integration feature on WhatsApp for iOS users. It is not yet available yet because of developmental reasons. Since then,  WhatsApp had started working on the WhatsApp fingerprint authentication for Android.

Alongside, WhatsApp will also be upgrading the audio selection option. It will grant permission to send upto 30 audio files. Also, it will be creating a tray for a person to be able to play the audio file before sending it.

WhatsApp security will hence be at it’s peak with this new biometric authentication feature. People will be highly anticipating these features and hopefully, WhatsApp will be able to deliver, like it has in the past.



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