Image source: CheckPoint

From the past 20 years, WinRAR is the most used file-extraction software on windows computers. It’s a software used to extract or compress files of various file formats.

The WinRAR was recently discovered with a flaw which is over 19 years old. First discovered by, an Isreal based software company named “Check Point“, the flaw allows the hackers to directly inject malware based files onto your computer.

An old Dynamic Link Library was said to be the cause for the flaw. The DLL was used to process files which were compressed in the ACE format.

According to reports, the exploit has put over 500 million computers vulnerable to attacks. The flaw allows the hacker to remotely extract any malicious file to the startup folder of PC. This means that the program would run itself automatically on startup.

But, there is not much to worry though because the company has fixed the flaw in their latest update. The support for ACE Format files has been stopped and users need to update their software to the latest version (5.70) to get the fix.

There is also a video released by the company which explains how to do it.


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