On 30th October ’18, a California-based company named Royole launched the world’s first foldable smartphone. This is an Android device that can be used as a mobile and a tablet.

The FlexPai, is a 7.8 inch device when used as a tablet. It comes in 3 aspect ratios, 4:3, 16:9 and 18:9. On unfolding, the device has a resolution of 1920*1440. The company claims that it has been tested for durability, by folding for over 200,000 times!

Some of the other striking features included, Android 9.0 out of the box, a 16MP wide angle, and a 20MP telephoto camera lens. These are present on the rear end of the device and can be used as a selfie camera by folding the smartphone. The company claims that the device contains a Qualcomm’s 8-Series Flagship SOC based on the 7nm process. This I think must be the successor to the current top of the line Snapdragon 845 found in OnePlus 6T, Samsung S9, LG G7 to name a few. In short, the performance might be impressive!
Royole smartly utilizes the real estate by displaying all calls, messages or emails on the edge of the device when folded. This way you can continue using the device without any interruption.

All this does come at a cost. The FlexPai weighs 302 grams, just contains 3800 mAh of battery( which considering the screen size might not be sufficient for a day) and a whopping USD 1,588 for the base variant of 128 GB storage and USD 1,759 for 256 GB.

Royole is a brand that has been into flexible displays, flexible sensors, and smart devices for quite some time. To pre-order or know more visit .


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