Xiaomi Mi 9
Source: Telefonino

The Xiaomi Mi 9 test for durability displayed excellent results, except for some areas.

Xiaomi Mi 9 is the latest flagship model from the Chinese Giant. The phone retails for CNY 2,999 (Rs. 31,800 approx) for the 6GB of RAM and 128GB storage variant and CNY 3,299 (Rs. 34,900 approx) for the 8GB RAM and 128GB storage option. YouTuber Zack Nelson, owner of the channel JerryRigEverything, came forward to test it’s worth.

When put through the fire test, the display of the phone momentarily turned white. But, after a while, it retained it’s original position back. It passed the bend test as well. No sign of any permanent damage was seen on the display or the body of the phone.

Coming to the scratch test, the Xiaomi Mi 9 did disappoint a little.

The company claims that it uses “sapphire glass” for the phone and it’s main cameras. While Sapphire scratches at level 8 or 9, glass scratches at level 4 or 5. When the scratch test was performed on the phone, it started scratching at level 6. Deeper grooves were visible at level 7 and the camera couldn’t survive the test either.

The presence of Sapphire was confirmed with the diamond detector. But, there was obviously more glass present that sapphire and hence, the results. The phone’s in display fingerprint worked flawlessly despite everything.



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