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In the recent past, we published a post about Samsung Galaxy S10+ users can enjoy 3 months of free YouTube Premium. Meanwhile, YouTube decided to add a few more countries to the list.

Yes! if you are in the following countries, then you can, now, enjoy YouTube Premium.

According to the tweet, the 14 new countries can enjoy YouTube Premium. This means the users will get to use ad-free content experience, watch originals and listen to music in the background.

Formerly known as YouTube Red. The service will even allow you to stream YouTube kids, Gaming and Google Play Music (ad-free) in both online and offline mode. And the services too will include background play.

The offline downloads will have to be refreshed every 30 days. The app is also offering 3 months of free premium services. All you need to do is to verify your debit/credit card via your Gmail account.

Note: The user will have to turn 18 to use the services or trial.

After 3 months, The company charges ₹129/- per month and it can be cancelled anytime.


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