Youtube removes ads from anti-vax channels
Source: Video Maker

YouTube said on Friday it was removing ads that appear on channels that feature anti-vaccination content.

The action came after some advertisers pulled ads from YouTube because they didn’t know their content featured anti-vax content.

BuzzFeed was the first to enquire YouTube about the anti-vaccination videos and reported the news.

“We have strict policies that govern what videos we allow ads to appear on, and videos that promote anti-vaccination content are a violation of those policies,” a YouTube spokeswoman said. “We enforce these policies vigorously, and if we find a video that violates them, we immediately take action and remove ads.”

While the policy is not new, the platform is already dropping ads from those channels. Seems like the videos slipped out of YouTube’s filter. Anti-vaccination content on YouTube was already considered harmful and must not have been monetized in the first place.

Tech giants are now being pressurized by lawmakers to stop the problem. Rep Adam Schiff, a Democrat from California, wrote an open letter, earlier this month, to Google’s CEO Sundar Pichai regarding the issue.

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