Zenfone 6
The Asus Zenfone 6 will be a double slider smartphone and will rock a Snapdragon 855 processor and will have a headphone jack! Source: GSMArena

The successor to the Zenfone 5Z, the Zenfone 6 is set to be launched on the upcoming Thursday the 16th. We already had the details about the Geekbench scores and its performance. Now, we have a video of the entire smartphone in all its glory.

It is a double slider smartphone, unlike the single slider we saw on Mi Mix 3 and Honor Magic 2. This means that the phone can slide both sides, up and down. However, the video shared was not of the Zenfone 6 as the company confirmed that the 3.5mm jack will be present at the bottom which is not the case in this video. This might be the video for the “Z” variant. We don’t know yet. We’ll call it the Zenfone 6Z.

The phone has an impressively high screen-to-body ratio and rocks a USB-C. It seems like the front has an AMOLED display with a glass body and glossy finish. The back panel has the usual cameras and a traditional capacitive fingerprint sensor. Weird for a 2019 flagship. It, however, will come with a Snapdragon 855 processor.

About the slider, the screen slides up two reveal another speaker and two touch buttons which can also double up as a shutter button for the rear camera. When the display is slid downwards, the front-facing cameras are revealed which also has two LED flashlights.

This phone is unique in all its glory and looks stellar in these shots. We’ll have to wait for the official launch to get a good view of this beautiful device.



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