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Google never fails to surprise its users! It has always been trying to create a better impact on people with its products. Small games like T-Rex, won’t let you get bored even if there’s no internet connection. Here’s one such game, where it gets over even before you start playing.

Zerg Rush- Had gained its popularity by being one of the stress busters. It was developed by Google in the year 2012. Just like many other small games by Google, this game had also got prominent within a few months after its launch.

It’s Origin:

Originally, this term was taken from the game “Starcraft”. In this game, a variety of players register – among which ‘Zerg’ plays the role of Aliens. These Zergs are in quest of human races from Earth so as to assimilate the genetic intelligence to strengthen their force.

‘Zerg’ from Starcraft game

How does it actually work?

Google has taken inspiration from this game and released its own version of ‘Zerg’. On typing “Zerg Rush” in the Google search box, the O’s in ‘gOOgle’ take over the page and destroys the search results. These O’s multiply themselves and start attacking the search results. On double clicking, the O’s the cursor turns into a ‘+’ sign and it prevents the O’s from wiping out the page. Usually, this is the way one can stop destroying, but it doesn’t last long.

Zerg Rush
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It has got immensely popular over the years especially during Easter. The new version of this game includes finding the latest Easter Eggs that were planted by the search giant’s engineers. This mere feature gathered a lot of people and became the top search topic on Google Friday.

Recently, Google joined with Avengers and has launched ‘Gauntlet’ in its search engine. This wipes out half of the search result. It can be restored by clicking the ‘Gauntlet’ again. This way, Thanos uses his Time Stone to bring back the destroyed content.

Next time when you get bored, make sure you try out this game.

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