Before We Start Talking About Zoom Exploits We’ll First Understand What Exactly Is Zoom And Why Is It Popular These Days.

About Zoom:

With This Coronavirus Pandemic Around Us, People All Around The World Are Staying At Home. But Work Cannot Stop. People Need To Communicate And Conference Calls Are Not An Option. This Is Because People Need To Share Various Documents, Discuss Over Presentations, Distribute Work, Talk Together. A Platform For Video Calls And Screen Sharing Is Necessary For Solving These Problems. Thus Platforms Such As Zoom, Webx, Hangouts Are Getting Really Popular These Days.

Why Are Hackers Interested In Zoom Exploits?

You Need To Know One Thing About The Internet. If There Are People Somewhere, There Is Data. And If There’s Data, There Are Hackers. Finding Exploits In Software, Apps, Websites Enable Them To Access User Data Which May Even Include Private Data. Now Hackers Do Not Necessarily Mean A Bad Thing.

Hackers Can Be Private Hackers, Government Hackers Or May Even Work For The Company. They Report Such Vulnerabilities To The Platform Owner In Return For Rewards Or May Sell It On The Dark Web. These Platforms Have A Lot Of Users These Days, It Is More Profitable To Find Vulnerabilities On Them.

Zoom Meetings Allow Up to 100 People

According To Tech Website Motherboard, Zoom Exploits Go For $5,000 To $30,000. This Is Surely A Large Sum Of Money. Some People Have Even Gone To The Extent Of Calling Zoom As A Malware. Some Have Even Banned Zoom Such As The Government Of Taiwan And New York City.

You Can Visit Detailed Security Flaw Issues Here.

Is Zoom Still Safe To Use?

According To Security Professionals, Zoom Software Creates A Huge “Attack Surface”. Hackers Will Try To Exploit It In Every Possible Way. Already A Lot Of Fake Domains And A Malware Have Surfaced Online.

If These Issues Are Fixed As Soon As Reported Or Found, Zoom May Become Very Secure And Better Than Other Competitors. The Only Bad Thing About All This Is The Zoom Itself Could Not Find Out The Problems And Sort Them Out Earlier Itself.

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